Venue A-Z

Your ticket is your access to the dome. To avoid purchase of counterfeit or stolen tickets, buy them only at Ticketnet online or authorized outlets.
Alcohol Policy
Beers in can are sold inside, however, the contents are transferred in a disposable cup before you can bring them to your seat.
Baggage Counter
Large bags and oversized backpacks are prohibited. A baggage counter is readily available at the Green Gate Interior Lobby and Yellow Gate.
Cancelled or Postponed Events
Announcements are made thru this website, and official social media accounts of Smart Araneta Coliseum and the respective concert promoters. Visit and follow our pages to keep you updated!
Depending on the show, children below 3 feet are free of charge, but no guaranteed seat. Height is determined at the gates by the venue ushers.
PBA / Concerts - FREE
Family Shows (e.g. annual Christmas show) - All ages are required to have tickets.
Code of Conduct
Fans, employees and production staff are encouraged to participate in our effort to maintain a safe, clean, peaceful and comfortable space for everyone. Inappropriate behavior will be dealt accordingly by the venue’s security personnel.
The Coliseum offers a wide variety of food and beverage items for our patrons' enjoyment. Please see Dining Options for more information.
Customer Care Hotline
For inquiries, call our Customer Care hotline at 8588-4000
Designated Smoking Area
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Coliseum. Patrons are requested to use the designated area right outside the green gate exterior lobby.
Emergency Medical Technicians
Medical assistance is readily available for any emergency.
Emergency Exits and Holding Areas
GF Back of House/ 2nd Floor Portals 1 & 2 - go to the holding area at Gen. MacArthur Ave. & Gen. Araneta Ext. Ave. via GF Southlink Parking Exit.
GF Portals 1-5 - go to the holding area at Gen. MacArthur Ave. via Red Gate Exit and 2nd Level Southlink Parking Exit.
GF Portal 6 - go to the holding area at Gen. Agunaldo Ave. via Green Gate Exit
GF Portal 6 / 2nd Floor Portals 3 & 4 - go to the holding area at Gen. Araneta Ext. Ave. via Red Gate Exit and GF Southlink Parking Exit.
GF Portals 7-11/ 2nd Floor Portals 11-15 - go to the holding area at Gen. Aguinaldo Ave. via Green Gate Exit.
2nd Floor Portals 5-8 - go to the holding area at Gen. MacArthur Ave. or Gen. Araneta Ext. Ave. via 2nd Level Southlink Parking Exit.
2nd Floor Portals 16 & 17 - go to the holding area at Gen. Aguinaldo Ave. via Green Gate Exit, or at Gen. Araneta Ext. Ave. via GF Southlink Parking Exit.
Please also refer to the emergency exit plan played on Big Cube and TV monitors before the show.
The venue has four (4) entrances. Green Gate Entrance for Patron and Lower Box A ticket holders, Red Gate Entrance for Lower Box B and Upper Box ticket holders, Yellow Gate Entrance for General Admission ticket holders, and 2nd Level Southlink Entrance for all patrons except general admission ticket holders.
Food and Beverage
There are concessionaires inside the venue, thus, outside food and beverages are not allowed. For bottled drinks, caps are removed before serving them to the guest.
Note: With the current situation brought by the pandemic, this SOP is lifted temporarily.
Gate Opening
Opening time varies and depends on the start of the show. However, if you wish to come early, please be reminded that the queueing only starts at 2pm. The venue follows a NO RE-ENTRY POLICY so make sure to check your belongings before you enter or exit the venue.
Lost and Found
We advise you to be mindful of your belongings. But in case you have lost something, we are happy to help! You may contact the management via email or direct line 8588-4000.
Only official merchandise is allowed for selling inside the venue.
Owner’s Circle
An exclusive VIP lounge with a dedicated concierge and VIP access to the Coliseum.
Parking Garage South (PGS)/ Southlink Parking
The Coliseum’s on-site parking is located at the Southgate Entrance which has a total capacity of 1,000 slots. For other parking options, Araneta City boasts a total of 7,000 slots available for mall-goers, concert patrons and residents.
The Coliseum is a pet-free venue, except during the annual dog show and cockfighting events.
Prohibited Items
  • Oversized backpacks and large bags
  • Illegal Substance
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Smoking
  • Firearms, deadly weapons and explosives
  • Still and video cameras, and other recording devices
  • Glass, bottles, cans, and hard plastic containers
  • Oversized promo banners and campaign materials
  • Pointy objects such as umbrellas
Special Privileges
We give 20% discount to Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities. If you are a PWD using wheelchair, we have ushers who will assist you to your allocated seats.
Avoid counterfeit tickets. For your own safety and protection, purchase only at Ticketnet online and its authorized outlets nationwide. Lost, stolen, or damaged physical tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged, or replaced. The venue also accepts electronic tickets. To avoid problems, do not duplicate or make mutliple copies of your e-ticket. For more information, you may call at (+632) 8911-5555 or visit